Oscar Winning Producer Breitbart-Bashes President Obama

Holy ghost of Andrew Breitbart! In what ranks as one of the more astonishing first-person Hollywood essays in recent memory, producer Gerald R. Molen, owner of a 1993 Best Picture Academy Award for Schindler’s List, has ripped into President Obama on Breitbart.com.

Molen begins with the salutation “Dear Fellow Patriots,” ends with “In freedom and in purpose,” and in-between makes his feelings about the 44th POTUS abundantly clear:

We put a man in office, a man not really qualified to be a dog catcher, much less the most powerful man in the world… We liked his smile, his ability to read from a teleprompter, his super-friendly demeanor and his charismatic oratorical skills… Once again, our ears failed us. Our eyes failed us. We failed to hear that horrific sucking sound of our falling into the vortex of calm voices pushing us ever so gently but with assured and deft platitudes, into the hell of our own making.

At press time, there are a couple of hundred reader comments. Everything from the isolated opinion that this guy is insane to predictable applause from the Breitbart.com peanut gallery. Molen’s other credits include Rain Man, Days of Thunder, Jurassic Park and Minority Report.

Read at your own risk.