Scandal Recap: Who Will Have Their Chance to Stand in the Sun?

How many PRs out there have had to choose between a friend and a client?

Last night’s episode opened where we left off: caught in the middle of a juicy love triangle between Jake (Capt. Ballard if you’re nasty… that means you Fitz), the president and Olivia in the secret prison bunker. Jake wants Fitz to shut up, wants to kill Rowan and wants to talk to his “girlfriend,” that last one mostly so he can rub Fitz’s face in the fact that they were on the island together. He even shares their little catchphrase: “Standing in the sun.” So romantical.

Ultimately, they’re really on the same side versus Papa Pope, so they decide it’s best to put some of this drama aside. At least for the time being.

“No hard feelings?” asks Fitz.

“No hard feelings,” replies Jake.

There are definitely hard feelings.

For his part, Papa Pope is not happy about this little soap opera that’s playing out between the three of them. Mostly because it looks like Olivia chooses her lovers over him. During a phone call to Liv, he’s taken to calling Fitz & Jake “these boys” and reminds her that they’re not family. He had to go to dinner all by his lonesome because she ditched him.

“You’ll always have a place as my table… I will always be there for you. So… dinner?” Oh Papa Pope. You get the sense that he really wants some semblance of a relationship with his daughter. Or at least you got that sense before he went absolutely B613 on everybody.

Back at the bunker, there’s the question of arresting Rowan. Jake wants to go in himself, arguing that he knows the layout of the B613 HQ and has a read on Rowan. But Fitz is the president. “We’re doing this my way,” he says, insisting on highly-trained officers. After continued squabbling between the “boys” — Rowan’s not just going to chase after the next shiny thing and get caught, is he? — Liv jumps in with an idea. She gets on the phone, crying to Rowan. “They just want to fight. They just want to win… I don’t want to be angry at you anymore,” she whimpers. They agree on dinner.

“I am the shiny thing,” Liv says. Fair enough.

But we all know Rowan is a sly fox. At that dinner, one gets the feeling Rowan’s speech might indicate he knows something, maybe huh?

“I never put my job before you… All that I’ve done is because of you,” he says. And then then jig is up. Snipers surrounding the restaurant start dropping like flies.

“You have forsaken me… Those people are not your people and you will never be one of them,” he says in the calmest voice we’ve ever heard from Papa Pope. “You think the world is so terrible with me in it? Wait til you see what it’s like without me.” Then he saunters right on out the restaurant and into a waiting car and drives off gangsta style.

At the same time, this arrest attempt was supposed to be successfully executed, David Rosen was at his office preparing to go through the B613 files he’s been hanging on to. Prior to this disaster of a plan was put in motion, Jake told the Fitz and Liv he had these files and wanted David to use them to prosecute Rowan discreetly. As Rowan rolls up the tinted window on his getaway car, we flash to David and the piles and piles of blank paper that his files have turned out to be.

So that scheme went down like the Hindenburg.

Maybe this Fitz-Jake-Olivia situation is faring a little better? (Of course it’s not.)

Liv has a few moments alone with Jake at the bunker. “You’re getting me out of here right,” he asks. Liv assures him she will. “You could leave me in here to rot and you and that guy Fitz can go dancing off into the sun,” he continues.

“Don’t ever talk about me with another man and the sun again,” Liv replies. Awww.

But then, Fitz and Liv are in the hallway at the bunker, he wants to kiss her, she’s not kissing him, he asks if it’s about her loyalty to Jake. “There’s no price. This one’s free,” he assures her, pressuring her over and over. “Kiss me you know you want to.” Damn it… I want to kiss you! I want to kiss you! When I snap out of it Liv is kissing him. Then she walks away all awkward like and he’s got a “cat-who-swallowed-the-canary” grin on his face.


Now we have Liv and Lizzy Bear who I think is also called Elizabeth North? I seriously cannot figure out what this character’s last name is. Either way, she thinks her phone is bugged because it is. And the person doing the bugging is Cyrus. Remember, last week he figured out that she and sex worker Michael are in cahoots.

“He’s a whore and I knew he was a whore and I was willing to go along with it because it was fun and not real,” he tells Liv when confronted. He’s asking for help. But technically, Lizzy is Liv’s client. Thing is Liv doesn’t like Lizzy — “You cut corners, you’re mean to your assistants and you lie,” she says at first. But she still takes the job.

“Consider it handled… I don’t have to like you to do my job brilliantly,” she said at the time.

Liv ultimately chooses friendship. She confronts a surprised Michael, only to find out that he hasn’t told Lizzy anything though there are some very racy photos out there of Michael and Cyrus sexing it up.

When Michael shows up at Cyrus’ house, more raciness ensues.

“Turn around and bend over,” Cyrus demands. And then…

As if that wasn’t hot enough (goodness gracious!) the VP’s car explodes as he’s leaving a speech and there’s suspicions that it has something to do with this West Angola situation. Mellie goes to check on the VP, make sure he’s all right and they end up in a lip lock. And hey now… Mellie’s got her groove back.

But the possibility of a little poetic justice for Mellie is short-lived. Huck (with his son Javi in tow) are staking out Lizzy’s secret apartment. Lizzy’s got Dan Kubiak, the guy Quinn is staking out as part of the investigation into Kaitlynn Winslow’s death (remember… the lawyer’s daughter), sitting in her place. And who walks in and starts making out with Lizzy? The VP!

Kubiak leaves, finds out Huck and Quinn are on to him, breaks into the van that they’re hiding in, and ends up with a piece of glass in the throat courtesy of Huck. Unfortunately, Javi, who had been sent for ice cream so he wouldn’t see the Lizzy/VP shenanigans, sees the killing go down. Not only is he now scarred for life, he dropped his ice cream.

So next week, we have to find out the next steps in the ongoing attempts to bring Rowan to justice. And can Javi and Huck recover from this week’s gruesomeness? And there are a bunch of other questions that may or may not get answered before the show goes on winter break.

On a final PR note, Ralph Lauren decided to jump in and get a little publicity from the show’s fashion choices. Viewers love Olivia’s wardrobe. And last night, she was fierce in lots of black and white.