Saveur Seeks 100 Readers’ Tips

saveur logo.jpgEpicurean magazine Saveur is taking user-generated content to the next level.

This year’s “Saveur 100” list in the January/February issue will be completely made up of reader’s submissions. For over a decade, the list has been giving readers the Saveur editors’ 100 favorite food-related things, from ingredients and recipes to wine and spirits, restaurants, markets, chefs, cookbooks and more.

Last year, Saveur gave readers the chance to win the 101st item on the list. Publisher Merri Lee Kingsly told us that issue — January/Feb 2009 — was the magazine’s best selling issue of the year, a difficult feat considering what great difficulty other mags had on newsstands at the beginning of the year.

For next year’s issue, Saveur‘s editors are asking readers to submit suggestions for consideration by telling the editorial staff what they love in 1,000 words or less. The editorial team will pick from the entrants and run 100 reader suggestions in the issue.

And speaking of Saveur publisher Kingsly and newsstand numbers, check out this interview with Kingsly, in which she reveals why the magazine is reporting increases in ad page sales, subscriptions and newsstand sales, while other American magazines — including Saveur‘s epicurean competitors — are struggling. And stay tuned for the Audit Bureau of Circulation’s numbers that come out on Monday. They’re sure to show how the hard work of Kingsly and her team is paying off.

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