Savannah Gets Personal On AZ Shootings

In two TV spots in the past few days, MNSBC’s Daily Rundown Co-host Savannah Guthrie is featured talking about her personal feelings about the Arizona shootings. A Tucson native, Guthrie speaks candidly about her thoughts about the impact the incident is having on her hometown and how easily she could have imagined herself there at the scene.

The first segment was on The Daily Rundown Tuesday morning in which she was interviewed by Co-host Chuck Todd — she in Tucson, he in Washington. The second was last night on the Nightly News in which she interviews locals and talks with Brian Williams.

“Well, I think everyone is just shocked. …Just to have it splashed all over the headlines, it feels personal. There are a lot of people I love here, my mom being at the top of the list. …The Safeway across the street is where my mom shops everyday,” she said. “…Everyone kind of thinks of Tuscon as a small town. When I moved here when I was three and a half years old it was a small town.”

Todd: I know we don’t like to get personal too often but thank you.

Savannah: As you know, sometimes you can’t help it.