Sara Vilkomerson Heads To Entertainment Weekly

You already know that Sara Vilkomerson left her post as the NY Observer‘s culture editor, which saw her writing its “Very Short List.” Now, an anonymous tipster has shared the next step in Vilkomerson’s career: She’s going to Entertainment Weekly to become a senior writer for the magazine’s movie department.

In a memo to staff about the move, executive editor Jeff Giles let them know they have until October 25th — her starting date — to learn just how to pronounce her name.

Read the full memo, below.

Cc: sara vilkomerson
Subject: Staff Announcement

We have some good news to share:

Jill Bernstein and I are proud to announce that EW has hired the shrewd, funny and talented Sara Vilkomerson as a senior writer for the movies dept. Most recently, Sara served as the Culture Editor at the New York Observer, where she not only edited entertainment stories in print and online, but also wrote doggedly reported features and reviews on a variety of topics. Sara will be based in New York. You will all really like her.

Sara’s first name is pronounced Sah-ra, to rhyme with tiara. Her last name is pronounced Vil-Comb-erson. She doesn’t start at EW until October 25th, so you have some time to practice.

Over the years, Sara has written for Rolling Stone and People; managed the research staff at Vibe; and written for VH-1’s “Pop Up Video.” She’s also been editing the Observer‘s “Very Short List,” a daily web email about cool stuff that goes to 700,000 subscribers.

Join me in being really happy about this.

Jeff G.