Sao Paulo Museum Finds Stolen Picassos


Returning to a story we were reporting on back in June when the second museum in Sao Paulo was robbed of famous artwork in under six months. While we now admit that we were wrong to pick on these museums so harshly after having had some valuable conversations with readers in the museum business, we feel better because this particular story has a happy ending, as it’s been announced that the two Picassos stolen in the theft, as well as two others, have been recovered. Not so easy to sell that stuff, eh thieves? Or maybe they were just using them to show off at a dinner party at their house? Whatever the case, here’s a bit:

Police found the “Minotaur, Drinker and Women” etching in a western area of Sao Paulo, Folha said. Another work, “The Artist and His Model,” was found in July, and two other paintings were recovered Aug. 6, the news service said.

The four works are valued at a total of 1 million reais ($613,000), according to the state secretary of culture, Folha said.