Sharks Finally Show Fans the Way to Stanley Cup Finals

The 2,020th game in franchise history gets it done.

SanJoseSharksLogoThere’s no longer a San Jose Mercury News print edition on which to banner such news across the front page. But sportswriter Mark Purdy did a fantastic job moments after last night’s 5-2 defeat of the St. Louis Blues by the San Jose Sharks to frame with his lede the larger context of this particular NHL Western Conference Finals Game 6:

The sound at the finish was a noise never before heard at SAP Center. It was the sound of a 25-year emotional release, surging from the seats to the playing surface. The air above the ice was clogged with swirling joy and churning elation and damn near disbelief.

There’s tons more color in Purdy’s piece: the team’s fuzzy-fish mascot doesn’t fit with the game’s traditions; a longtime usher cried tears of joy; and former Shark Jamie Baker finally has his wish that another player knock his 1994 series-winning goal down the franchise highlights list.

For FishbowlNY, the only disappointment with Purdy’s item comes at the very end. We expected a torrent of comments from the Shark Tank faithful. But at press time, there is just one holler correcting Purdy’s mention of Lord Stanley as having been General Governor of Canada. The Cup guy was in fact Governor General.

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