San Diego Scribe Logan Jenkins Saved By MLK and Barack Obama

dm san diego union tribune.jpgSan Diego Union Tribune reporter Logan Jenkins writes in his column:

Last week, I thought about bailing from the profession that saved me from another recession. I admit it. I was almost ready to write one of those depressing “Final Columns.”

Believe it or not, I was saved, at least for the time being, by Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama.

Now if they can just save the rest of us…we’ll be cool.

Read how the duo came to the rescue here. Yeah, it’s as weird and grandiose as it sounds.

We like the comments on the piece which turned into a discussion of why newspapers are dying (never heard that one before). One commenter said:

We want the paper to reinforce our biases and prejudices, not challenge them.

We don’t know if they were being unintentionally brilliant or intentionally summing up everything that is wrong with San Diego (and the rest of the deep South). But there it is.

Our thanks to Romenesko for catching this.