Sam Quinones Invites David Hiller to Take a Ride


Sam Quinones (rhymes with cojones), is the LA Times reporter who replied to new publisher David Hiller’s letter to the troops (LA Observed has the full text) with this invitation:

Why don’t we take a drive around Koreatown some day. In a section of a few dozen square blocks, you’ll see Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Mexicans (among whom is a sizable chunk of Zapotec Indians from Oaxaca), Koreans, and Bangladeshis.

Quinones has some other suggestions for the future of the paper, including getting serious about local coverage and increasing the budget.

FBLA thinks Quinones is right, as well as gutsy, and hopes that he’s got a big car, because the paper has some other out-of-towners who need to see the city as well. Road trip!

And in a related note, Brett Levy, late of the LAT, blogger at DadTalk, has some stern words for the Tribune.