Salon Goes Green With New Vertical launched a new green-living vertical today with Lindsay Abrams, formerly of The Atlantic, at the helm.

It’s called Sustainability and the company promises regular coverage of everything from organic food to climate change and public transportation. Right now, Abrams has a piece on the Alberta tar sands spill and how the company responsible plans to do pretty much nothing aside from waiting it out. She’s got six other posts up from just the last two days, covering the gamut of environmental issues, both big and small, that you’d expect from  a vertical like this.

“We’re launching our ‘Sustainability’ vertical now because these issues have become far more front-of-mind and central to the everyday lives of our readers,” Cindy Jeffers, CEO and CTO of, said.

As a side note, Salon also added that it’s re-launching its Dream City column, a weekly feature about the future of urban living and urban planning and how it intersects with “sustainability and smart growth,” by Henry Grabar. Read his first piece here.

The column was previously written by Will Doig, who’s now the international editor for the non-profit Next City.