Salon Slides Into Larger New York Office

Here’s the first salient number: 65%. According to a rep for Salon Media Group, that’s the year-to-year revenue growth for the company as it crossed 500,000 Facebook likes and 300,000 Twitter followers.

Here’s the second salient number: 6,523 square feet. That’s the size of the company’s new NYC headquarters, into which staff have moved today.* The new digs are double the size of the company’s previous Manhattan office space.

Salon is closing in on its 20th anniversary, a fact that led us – on this #tbt – to browse through the FishbowlNY archives and land on this Rachel Sklar October 2005 item:

Salon’s turning ten next month — which seems crazy, by the way — and they’ve kicked off the celebrations by getting a sleek new look. It’s their first redesign since mid-2000 and as media websites get sleeker, more efficient and easier to navigate with even more content, it’s been overdue for a while. It looks great…

In June, logged an all-time Google Analytics high of 17.6 million site visits, besting a previous March 2014 mark of 14.2 million. We hope everyone is settling into the new West 31st Street digs and if it comes with one of those fancy premium coffee bars, have a frothy cup of Java on us.

*Correction (5:25 p.m.):
Despite what we were told by an intermediary, Salon staff have not quite completely taken possession of their new desks. They will be fully in place and ready to opine there Monday August 4. FishbowlNY apologizes for the error.