Salahis Latest: Oh, The Plot Thickens

There have been a few developments on State-Dinner-Party-Crashing-Gate that we wanted to fill you in on…

We told you earlier this week that the House Homeland Security Committee plans to hold a hearing tomorrow on the “breakdown of security arrangements” the night of President Obama’s first State Dinner.

While we’re still waiting to hear if the Michaele and Tareq Salahi will testify on the Hill- they were invited, not subpoenaed to testify- White House press secretary Robert Gibbs just confirmed in the daily press briefing that social secretary Desiree Rogers would not be testifying at that hearing. Gibbs called it a separation of powers.

And on last night’s “Nightly News,” NBC White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie reported much more in depth on the email exchange the Salahis eluded to in their earlier “Today” interview with Matt Lauer. Guthrie’s piece here.

Those emails- between the Salahis and the Department of Defense’s Michele Jones- were also reported on by AP and other news outlets and are now available online. Certainly a good read.

The White House continues to refute the Salahis claims that they were invited, saying today that the couple did not receive an invitation.

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