Salahis: Had Enough? WaPo Begrudgingly Thinks Not


WaPo Ombudsman Andrew Alexander on Sunday addressed an issue that has plagued some Washingtonians as of late: When will the Salahis 15 minutes be over? The short answer: Not anytime soon (my condolences to my co-editor, Matt Dornic on this one).

Facts: They’ve been written about in more than 110 WaPo stories. And some 30 WaPo reporters and researchers have contributed to the coverage.

Alexander quotes a host of annoyed readers as well as WaPo Reliable Source columnist Amy Argetsinger: “These people are characters,” said Argetsinger, who often writes about them. “People enjoy reading about them, even if it’s with an undercurrent of loathing. Of all the e-mails we get from people saying ‘Stop writing about the Salahis,’ I would say that we get slightly more from people who have said: ‘Why haven’t these people been arrested yet?'”

Alexander understands the draw and revulsion about the Salahis, concluding with this thought: “The Salahis offer an entertaining — if often maddening — break from the steady diet of grim and gloom that so often dominates The Post. There’s a place for their “gossip crap.”

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