SAI: Mobile Twitter Could be “Worth a Billion”


Silicon Alley Insider has a plan for Twitter: it should become a mobile PayPal.

“Twitter should take full advantage of their messaging platform, user base and user disposition to lead in the mobile payments space, where, despite years of hype, no one has much of a head start,” the site said.

The report said that while Twitter is far from being a ubiquitous mobile platform, they have more penetration and usage than any other mobile service—in fact, their current user base is the same kind of early adopter group that frequented PayPal in the beginning.

“If Twitter had a P2P payments system in place today, it would become the most used mobile payments system overnight. Having the ability to send a message like “p innonate $5″ for that beer I just bought you would integrate seamlessly with the way Twitter’s users already interact with their system.” Food for thought.