‘Safe Zone’ Indie Game Mixes Oregon Trail with Zombie Apocalypse

There isn’t much time left before we reach the point of total zombie saturation. Maybe, just maybe though, you’ll be able to find room in your heart for at least one more undead centered romp with this week’s featured Kickstarter project, Safe Zone.

Blind Eye Games, the small New York City indie developer behind the title, is attempting to blend the hopelessness and practicality of The Oregon Trail‘s cross-country trekking with traditional, zombie genre tropes. Mixing various combat modes with survival-based travel and exploration, Safe Zone is intended to be a deep simulation of how the years after a zombie apocalypse play out.

While the early build of the game shown on the web does look a bit rough, the ambitious scope of the project definitely warrants notice. Blind Eye Games’ tiny staff currently work on the project in spare time outside of their day job and, despite this time handicap, have managed to build a foundation for what looks like it could be a fantastic indie title.

Contributions to Safe Zone will help Blind Eye Games to meet their fall 2011 release date while maximizing production values and, possibly, creating ports for non-PC gamers to enjoy. Most impressively, anything over the project’s $5,500 goal will be diverted toward the creation of a custom map editor that allows players to craft their very own campaigns.

Want to fill your tasty, tasty brain with more knowledge on Safe Zone? Check out the Blind Eye Games website, Facebook page or Twitter. The project will be funded on Thursday, July 21st at 12.25pm EST if the $5,500 goal is raised on time.