RWA Member Told: ‘Don’t Come Back’ (Or: A Social Media Lesson)

Via GalleyCat: Romance blogger Jane Litte was told by the Romance Writers of America that she would not be permitted to renew her membership bcause “numerous posts on your blog and on the ‘romfail’ thread on Twitter that indicate you do not support RWA or romance authors.”

Holy heck.

We’re trying to wrap our minds around whether the Society for Professional Journalists, say, would kick somebody out for saying journalism is dead. Or if ACES would kick somebody out for pointing out a misspelling in a headline. Doubt it.

Litte writes:

It is true that I have publicly stated I have no aspirations to write…. It is also true that I make fun of bad books (or what I consider to be bad books).

It is also true that I have been critical of RWA and its inability to provide its members full information on the panoply of ways that publishing is changing for the membership.

It is also true that I have been critical of authors.

I do find it interesting that the justification for blackballing me from RWA is because of my blog posts and #romfail thread on Twitter indicate that I do not support RWA or romance authors. I have supported RWA but I have also been extremely critical of them. I don’t support romance authors individually, but I do support the romance authors in general; and, of course, I support the romance genre and romance books.

The post has received over 100 comments already, so the bonus moral of this story is “don’t do stupid things to influential bloggers.” Oy.