Rutgers To Meet With Imus: ‘Deplorable, Despicable, Abominable, Unconscionable’

rutgers_meets_imus.jpgRutgers University held a press conference earlier today in what was probably the biggest media event to ever take place in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The Rutgers women’s basketball team — whom Imus referred to as “nappy-headed ‘hos” and producer Bernard McGuirk as “hardcore ‘hos” — broke its silence, agreeing to a proposed meeting with Imus in which they’re probably not going to be discussing the finer points of the “two-three zone” defense.

Captain Essence Carson: “We just hope to come to some type of understanding of what the remarks really entailed, his reasons why they were said. And we’d just like to express our great hurt, the sadness that he has brought to us.”

Coach C. Vivian Stringer: “It’s not about them as black or ‘nappy headed.’ It’s about us as a people. When there is not equality for all, or when there has been denied equality for one, there has been denied equality for all.”

“While they worked hard in the classroom and accomplished so much and used their gifts and talents, we had to experience racist and sexist remarks that are deplorable, despicable, and abominable and unconscionable. It hurts me.”

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