Rupe’s Green Memo Confuses News Corp. Employees


Rupert Murdoch‘s memo announcing News Corp.’s Cool Change initiative was so out of left field for the right wing media mogul, it required New Corp.’s HR department to send out a second memo clarifying the first one:

Subject: Cool Change: Global Energy Initiative Launch and Webcast
From: HR


Many of you have asked what the Cool Change Website email refers to.

Please see the email below for some more information about this new initiative News Corporation rolled out last Wednesday, and the Cool Change Website.

In short, News Corp and other FOX divisions have designed a new global energy initiative to reduce energy consumption and make a positive impact on our world. News Corp is the first media company to commit to achieving carbon neutrality and, at 1400+ people strong, FIM has the potential to play a significant role in shaping our environmental future.

If you would like more information on what FIM is doing to contribute to this initiative, or if you have suggestions on steps we should take, please feel free to contact …



Rupe’s original memo:

Dear Colleagues,

News Corporation has always been about imagining the future and then making that vision a reality. We always seek new ways to reach our global audiences and we address those issues that have the greatest impact on their lives. Global climate change is clearly one of those issues.

So how do we, as a media company, do our part to confront this challenge?

It starts with us. On Wednesday in New York, I will launch CoolChange — an important energy initiative at News Corporation. I encourage you to get involved from the outset by watching the launch on a webcast at (Please register today as a new user by entering the password ‘coolchange’)

The launch and webcast start this Wednesday at 11am U.S. EDT (8am U.S. P DT; 4pm GMT). For those of you in time zones where the launch will occur in the middle of the night, the webcast will remain on to watch at your leisure.

We have just begun this effort and we have a long way to go. I hope that each of you is inspired by this challenge, just as I am.


Rupert Murdoch


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