Rupert Murdoch, Russell Simmons and Martha Stewart Partied Together on NYE

(Via The Daily Mail)

Ever wondered what media bigwigs do for New Year’s Eve? If you read this blog you probably have, so don’t even try to deny it. Well, lucky for you we can tell you what a few of them did for this year’s celebration: They partied with a Russian billionaire in St. Barts.

According to the Daily Mail, Rupert Murdoch, Russell Simmons, Martha Stewart and others attended Roman Abramovich’s NYE party, which was estimated to cost about $10 million. What did that get party goers? Fireworks, a chance to hang out on the world’s biggest yacht (the thing has two pools and two helicopter landing pads), caviar, Cristal and music by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Rumor has it that Simmons’ dancing to the Chili Peppers’ “Suck My Kiss” got a little racy, but we haven’t heard any confirmation of that. Perhaps people are trying to forget.