Rupe May Have Been Exaggerating Newsday Timeline Just a Leetle Bit

100_2220.jpgMore on the Time 100 shortly, meanwhile it seems that while we were snapping surreptitious photos of Rupert Murdoch, John Koblin over at the Observer was asking him actual questions.

When asked about his assertion that a Newsday deal was imminent, Rupe admitted that “yeah, I might have gone a little too far saying it was a certainty…I was telling the truth, but you don’t know until …”

Hmm, we think we see the future of New York media in that “…”

As to whether the Wall Street Journal has improved since Rupe took it over a year ago, he said “”Yes…But it’s got a long way to go.” Starting we imagine with a managing editor, who Rupe says will be hired in a number of weeks.

*Caught in the act: That’s Koblin on the far left chatting it up with Rupe, Martha Stewart and Charlie Rose.