Runway Wars Lets You Decide Who’s Got The Look At Fashion Week

Palm is promoting their new phone, the Pixi, with a Facebook application called Runway Wars. It encourages users to vote on the best-dressed celebrities attending the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events happening now in New York. The Pixi is Palm’s follow up to the Pre, featuring the same Palm OS, with a sleeker form and optional designer back plates (thus the tie in with Fashion Week).


The Facebook app is a simple bracket-style “tournament” that gives Fans of the Palm page a chance to decide who’s hot and who’s not. Every time you vote on the celebrity fashion matchup, a post goes into your news feed to let your friends know that you’ve just weighed in on who’s fashion forward. There will be several rounds of voting until an eventual winner is crowned.


Palm’s Page also features news from Fashion Week, as well as an introductory video that highlights the features of the new Pixi. Palm has done a good job targeting the perfect demographic for their new fashion-conscious phones, and though Runway Wars is pretty simple as far as applications ago, it has all the right components needed for broader appeal.