Running on Empty


And in response to that prior post, mocking myself while mocking an industry that mocks itself, here’s something that sounds refreshing. At least until it’s discovered that it’s being run by some big agency, a real awards show, or is strange viral thingie for something like “The People for Ethical Treatment of Clients and Consumers” (don’t worry — no funny acronym here). Anyway,it’s the soon-to-begin Empty Box Awards, a grand idea that’s the antitheses of your standard advertising awards. Here’s the scoop:

Howdy all you “creatives” out there, we need your help. We started this little adventure after seeing the latest industry award show pimp themselves one too many times on your favorite ad blog. It got us thinking, and we checked it out, there are now more ad awards than creatives in the business. We can’t take the madness any longer. So, we have decided to create a different kind of advertising award competition. Awards you create during your lunch hour while billing the time to your client. Awards you create after slapping the dorky glasses off the nearest black turtleneck. Awards where you can savage other contestant’s entries. Awards you don’t have to pay to enter. Awards you would never put in your portfolio. Awards so bad, they may actually become entertaining.