Roundup: WaPo’s digital revenue drops; Globe’s online audience grows; NYT lays off employees

Consider this today’s State of the Newspaper roundup as a few interesting numbers and tidbits  about The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and The New York Times are making the rounds.

WaPo’s digital revenue declined in Q1

According to PaidContent, The Washington Post newspaper division — which includes WaPo and Slate — lost $22.6 million for the first quarter. In the same quarter last year, they lost $12.8 million. Of that loss for 2012, here’s the breakdown for digital loss:

  • Digital revenue slipped 7 percent
  • online display ad revenue dropped 11 percent year over year
  • Online classified ad revenue was down 1 percent

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NYTimes lays off non-newsroom employees

Romenesko is reporting this morning that The New York Times laid off non-newsroom employees, supposedly including George Freeman, the in-house lawyer who was a go-to for story vetting and First Amendment cases.  The tipster told Romenesko that everyone was caught off guard.  Read the full report from Romenesko →

Boston Globe overall audience grows

The headline for The Boston Globe’s press release touted the fact that print circulation grew for the first time since September 2004. That’s great, but the parts that I’m most interested in (and find the most relevant longterm) are:

  • Overall audience for and reached more than 7 million monthly unique visitors.
  • Paid digital subscribers totaled 18,000 — up 13 percent since the end of the fourth quarter of 2011

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