Rothenberg’s Personal Take on a Giffords’ Senate Run

Roll Call columnist Stu Rothenberg and Editor of Rothenberg Political Report, adds a personal twist to his column this morning on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ (D-Ariz.) possible run for Senate.

In it, he tells readers about his son’s brain injuries. His point? Gifford’s run may be a completely unrealistic candidate considering what he says a brain injury can really entail.

He writes, “I’m not a medical doctor, but after my son’s serious car accident a little more than a year ago, I probably have more experience than the average reporter or Capitol Hill staffer when it comes to brain injuries. My son didn’t have a bullet rip through one side of his brain, but he did have a life-threatening traumatic brain injury that put him in a coma for days, rendered the left side of his body without movement for weeks and raised questions for a time about the quality of life that he could expect.”

He questions how recovered Giffords actually is. He said his son, too, had “amazing” progress and incredible setbacks, such as not being able to roll over or feed himself normally. But in the end, he reports, his son, who was 27 at the time of the accident, leads a normal life and made a full recovery. He wishes the same for the congresswoman.

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