Rothenberg Leaving Time Inc After Two Months

Randall Rothenberg, who was brought on board in December to serve as chief digital officer at Time Inc, has accepted an offer to return to IAB as president and CEO. Rothenberg had been hired by Jack Griffin, recently ousted Time CEO.

According to a Time Inc memo sent around today (and posted in-full after the jump), Rothenberg plans to keep ties with Time Inc. And, both the memo and this press release from IAB discuss how Time has “reaffirmed its commitment to IAB” with placements on the board of directors and a sponsorship.

Any thoughts on how all of these management changes will impact the Time Inc brand? The comments are open.

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February 22, 2011

TO:         Time Inc. Colleagues

FROM:   Howard Averill, Maurice Edelson and John Huey

RE:        Randall Rothenberg

Randall Rothenberg informed us today that he has accepted an offer to return to the Interactive Advertising Bureau as its President and Chief Executive Officer.

Randall joined us a month ago as our first Chief Digital Officer and moved quickly to develop relationships and coordinate opportunities across Time Inc.  We considered him a valued and collegial member of our management team and hoped he would stay.

Randall’s departure will be mitigated by his assurances that he will continue to work closely with Time Inc.

“Time Inc. is a valued member of the IAB, and as I return to that industry leadership role, I look forward to helping the teams here as you continue your digital transformation,” Randall said today.  “I was attracted to Time Inc. by its fantastic brands and terrific people, and believe that the company is well positioned to take advantage of the digital revolution in media and marketing.”

Getting to know Randall better has been a great benefit to Time Inc., and partially as a result we are redoubling our commitment to the IAB.  We are pleased to announce that Time Inc. will become a charter sponsor of the association’s new IAB Ad Lab and of the IAB’s important cross-industry measurement standardization initiative, where we will take an advisory board seat.  We also will continue our participation on the IAB’s Board of Directors and on its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.  These positions will give the company and our executives access to the best thinking in the industry.

We wish Randall the best at the IAB.