Rosenbaums Are Washingtonians of the Year

From the Washingtonian:

    “All the things that could possibly go wrong did,” Marcus Rosenbaum says.

    He means two years ago, the night his brother, New York Times reporter and editor David Rosenbaum, went for a walk near his home in Northwest DC and got mugged with a pipe. Paramedics, assuming he was drunk, didn’t probe for injuries–and police didn’t investigate. The ambulance headed across town to Howard University Hospital because a paramedic had personal business nearby. Four hours went by there before David was evaluated for brain injury. Two days later, he died.

    In November 2006, Rosenbaum’s children notified DC and Howard of a $20-million lawsuit. But the family had been discussing an alternative: They would release the District from the suit if the city made major changes in its Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services within a year.

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