Rosenbaum Response Blasted

As the memorials continue coming in, there’s more details coming out about the the criminal investigation. A second man arrested after basically turning himself denies that he was involved in the original attack. The second suspect, Percey Jordan Jr., 42, is a cousin of Michael Hamlin, who was arrested earlier last week.

Meanwhile John Tierney and the Washington Post blasted Rosenbaum’s treatment at the hands of the city’s emergency responders. Tierney, calling Rosenbaum “a wonk’s wonk,” said the city broke its urban contract with residents and Rosenbaum.

The Post published a list of questions it wants answers to, arguing, “Chief Thompson may be satisfied with his department’s performance. Howard University may feel that way, too. The public, however, needs convincing. Nothing less than an independent review with full and complete disclosure of results will satisfy the public interest.”

> E&P thought very little of Tierney’s “exploitative” column.