Rosenbaum Remembrances; D.C. Screw-ups

After taking heat in journalism circles for several days that other newspapers were remembering murdered reporter David Rosenbaum better than his own paper, the New York Times today runs an extensive collection of remembrances.

“David was a model for many Washington reporters, at The Times and at other news organizations. David loved to share his knowledge. And he was a wise and good friend to his colleagues. The calls and e-mail messages that I fielded from fellow journalists over the weekend were further proof of that,” bureau chief Philip Taubman wrote.

Piling tragedy upon the tragedy, though, is word about just how mishandled the initial emergency call was. The Post’s article today cites anonymous emergency services sources as saying that it was a low priority call because people on scene didn’t realize what had happened and that Rosenbaum waited at the hospital for over an hour prior to being evaluated. The delays hampered the police investigation too, as it wasn’t until Saturday morning that detectives and officers returned to the neighborhood to canvas for clues.

Meanwhile, Post Metro columnist Marc Fisher posted some thoughts on the tragedy on his new blog, Raw Fisher, “One of the awful ironies of this tragedy is that he was attacked on what many of my neighbors consider the ideal Mayberry RFD block, a bunch of folks who are so close that they hold old-fashioned block parties. It’s the kind of block where the kids play together and wander from house to house. It’s not the kind of place where someone would stake out someone who was out on his evening constitutional.”

> The New York Observer has more memories.