Rosen To CBS: Time For The Truth

As it wraps up its first full week of operation, CBS’s “Public Eye” blog is giving a taste of some of its ongoing features. In addition to regular interviews with staffers and correspondents, it will offer noted inviduals a chance to pen an open letter to CBS and the media.

The first installment is by Press Genius/Guru Jay Rosen, who writes extensively about how CBS was brought low and how the blog might help to redeem its reputation:

“I’ve been listening to journalists say it for 15 years: the public doesn’t understand how we work, we have to explain ourselves more. Public Eye, if it works, is going to reveal when there are no good explanations — or none that make sense beyond newsroom culture. Transparency, you see, does not automatically increase trust. It could raise the curtain on an explanatory show that flops. It’s not enough to be open. You also have to have something insightful to say,” Rosen writes.