Hans Zimmer Remembers Ronni Chasen

Of all the people sharing fond remembrances of murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, perhaps none was closer to her from a client point of view than German born composer Hans Zimmer.

Shortly after his big Hollywood break in 1988 with Rain Man, which earned him his first of seven Academy Award nominations, the one-time Buggles band member hooked up with Chasen on Driving Miss Daisy the following year. From his twin contributions to back-to-back Best Picture winners, it was off to the races for Zimmer with The Lion King, Gladiator, Inception and much more. Through it all, Chasen was at his side.

Remembers Zimmer:

In a town where “the best” is used much too casually, she was truly singular. She really cared, she had a heart of gold, she was a fighter and a total pro. She knew everything and everyone, and for 20 years she told me to tuck in my shirt, to smile at the camera, to have a shave and not say anything foolish. She protected me, fiercely and brilliantly, in choppy waters that she navigated with grace and style.

I only just saw her at the Governors Awards last Saturday night [November 13th]. She was radiant, she knew everybody in the room. She took Christopher Nolan over to the next table and introduced him to George Lucas. I was watching her standing there listening to them and I thought, ‘There’s my friend Ronni, introducing two great directors to each other. She’s on top of her game.’ I adored her and she adored me. You can’t imagine how much I miss her already.

The memorial service for Chasen will be held Sunday, November 21st, at 11:00 a.m. at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary. FBLA once again extends its sincerest condolences to the publicist’s family, friends and colleagues.