Roll Call’s Correction of the Year

If corrections could receive Lifetime Achievement Awards, Roll Call could win it with this one. The offending story by staff writer Janie Lorber posted on June 30 at midnight and involved Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) being owed $2M from her 2000 campaign.

Number of errors: 7

The correction at the bottom of the story reads:

The original version of this article contained several factual errors. Sen. Maria Cantwell’s title at RealNetworks was misstated; she was a senior vice president. The maximum value of her current credit card debt is $50,000, not $150,000. Her assets last year were at least, not almost, $1.1 million. The minimum net worth she reported during her first year in the Senate was $5.56 million, not $11.9 million. The correct figure covered the year before her swearing-in; the story implied it was for 2001. The value of RealNetworks’ stock in 2000 should have been described as reaching above $90. Since 2000, Cantwell’s campaign has repaid her a minimum of $58,500 in interest, not $94,000.

The upside: However embarrassing this was to the reporter and the editors, Roll Call came clean about the errors. They showed integrity by reporting their own mistakes, despite the unbelievable quantity.