Rogers & Cowan Helps American Airlines Pay Nothing For Product Placements in George Clooney Film


The new Paramount Pictures film “Up In The Air,” starring George Clooney, has been getting great reviews. Now it’s getting great reviews from marketers and product placement experts as well.

The story, centered around Clooney as a busy executive closing in on 10 million frequent flier miles, prominently features American Airlines, among other companies. So how much did American Airlines pay for the product placement? Nothing.

In exchange for the placement, they provided Paramount free shooting locations, which are often a key expense in such productions.

The deal was facilitated by IPG entertainment focused PR agency Rogers and Cowan.

Dawn Turner, manager of promotions at American Airlines told The New York Times the deal was a fit because it painted the company in a good light. “If a production isn’t putting together a project that fits well with our brand image, we don’t participate…Movies nowadays can be really violent, and if they have a plane blowing up, that’s not good,” she said.