Strap A Chicken To A Rocket And Race Through Barns In RocketBird 3D for Facebook

rocketbirdlogo We get several game pitches every day, and sometimes it gets hard to distinguish between the text-based RPGs, farming simulators, activity-similar-to-farming simulators and glorified poke games. That’s why it’s a pleasure when somebody brings us something new, and just today we caught wind of RocketBird, a new, ultra simple game where you guide a chicken with a rocket on his back through consecutive barns, attempting to get as far as possible without hitting something and exploding. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s got a solid graphics engine and funny music, and it’s just the kind of quick arcade game that I enjoy for a week or two on Facebook.

Not every social game is a keenly focused social-notification spewing machine like the many top games available on the platform today. Some are just simple, fun diversions, and RocketBird is one of those games. You just use your mouse to guide the chicken, and avoid all the obstacles. Collect stars and you go faster, but do you even want to if the only qualification is distance travelled? Speed makes it harder to dodge… Anyway, the game has a fantastic looking visual engine, and I want to play a racing game that looks this good and moves this fast.


Try the game here and let us know if you think it’s fun, or just a waste of time. And try to beat my score of 222m and let me know!