ROBLOX’s Developer Exchange awards first $10,000 monthly payout


User-powered content platform ROBLOX has announced a milestone for its Developer Exchange program, which allows game creators to earn money from the virtual currency earned from their ROBLOX games. The ROBLOX platform gives users the tools they need to create and share independent games with millions of players around the world.

Now, the Developer Exchange has achieved its first ever monthly payout of $10,000, given to 18-year-old twin brothers Conor and Darragh Griffin [pictured, below] from Ireland (known as TheGamer101 on ROBLOX). Their social battle game, Sword Fight Tournament [pictured, top], has been played more than 25 million times since its creation in October 2009.


The Developer Exchange program launched in October 2013, and has fulfilled over 424 requests from developers, resulting in more than $175,000 in total payouts.

Developers around the world are eligible for these payouts, with popular games coming from Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Lithuania and elsewhere. Many games, including Murder Mystery, Skybound and Paintball! have been played millions of times and have earned thousands of dollars for their respective creators.

“Achieving this amazing milestone within just six months of launching the Developer Exchange Program is a true testament to our loyal and dedicated community of gamers and developers,” said David Baszucki, CEO of ROBLOX. “As the program and platform continues to grow and evolve over time, we will continue to empower our community to create fun and innovative games for an eager audience — and to reward them for doing so.”

ROBLOX receives more than 3 billion page views and clocks over 60 million total engagement hours each month.