Robin Leach Spotlights Tim Allen’s New Stand-Up Gig

The notions of quiet and Robin Leach don’t usually belong together. But thanks to his ongoing efforts at website, the former Lifestyles barker has indeed continued to quietly re-invent himself as a reliable scooper of Strip showbiz news.

His latest article of note is a February 3rd interview with Tim Allen, who debuts a new comedy act this weekend at The Venetian. The comedian and brunt of a Ricky Gervais zinger at the recent Golden Globes is contracted for a minimum of ten weekends this coming year alongside fellow regulars David Spade and Rita Rudner. Allen tells Leach:

“In Los Angeles, you’ve really got to work hard to get people out [to a comedy club]. They’re tainted, they’ve seen other great performers in small clubs, they’re used to that. In Las Vegas, it’s a bigger deal. People are out there to have a good time…

“Last night in Los Angeles in the club I worked, the mic stand was broken. This is Los Angeles! The only thing I touch in the club is the mic stand, and it had been broken for two weeks! That never happens in Vegas.”

Leach will celebrate his 70th birthday later this year but shows no signs of slowing down. He has gradually been building out his roster of website contributors and holds the trump card of being someone who many interview subjects are probably interested in also meeting themselves, if they haven’t already. (It’s also rather amazing that Leach can sign off his articles with a footnote that references the fact that he has been a journalist “for more than 50 years.”)