Theme Park Insider Assails Journalism’s ‘Culture of Failure’

Ahead of a free one-week boot camp this spring at USC’s Annenberg School, former newspaper website editor Robert Niles has chimed in with another take-down of what he dubs print journalism’s “culture of failure.”

For Niles (pictured), the phrase he coined in May, 2009 has taken on even more resonance in the wake of his latest efforts with website Theme Park Insider, recognized by Forbes and other publications. Writes the one-time LA Times contributor at the Online Journalism Review:

I’ve been publishing my own websites since 1996. I’ve been working full-time for myself for nearly three years. And I’ve never had more fun in the journalism business than I’m having now. My income went up in 2010, not down. I am so thankful to have found a way out of the culture of failure that imprisons so many others in the news business. I just want to help other journalists find their way out, as well.

The Northwestern grad goes a little overboard with an opening statement that dismisses the impact of other factors such as downward advertising spending and industry cut backs. But his gung-ho sentiments certainly befit the requirements of a boot camp participant.