Robert Moser, Saratoga Springs, NY, Professional, on Benefits of Storage Units

According to Robert Moser, Saratoga Springs, NY, estate professional and owner of Prime Group Holdings, renting a storage unit at your locale self-storage facility is an affordable way to increase livable space in your home or working space in the office and a convenient way to house important items during a transitional period in your life. Though these spaces have only been around in their contemporary form since sometime in the 1960’s, reports Slate Magazine, the use of storage spaces has taken off.

According to the Self Storage Association, the industry has been the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry over the last forty years and has been considered ‘recession proof’ by Wall Street analysts.

Slate further reports that there is more than 1.875 billion square feet of land dedicated to self-storage. In 1996, only six percent of American households rented storage spaces, according to an infographic featured on The Spare Foot Blog. To put it in another way, that’s only one out of every 17 households. Today, however, with more than 40,000 facilities nationwide, one in eleven American households own a storage unit.

Life events like selling a home, needing extra space, and having a baby are all important reasons why storage spaces are so popular, says Robert Moser, Saratoga Springs, NY, real estate expert.

“Major life events are a strong driver in the demand for self-storage; moving, divorce, and even death create this demand,” Moser explains.

There are many benefits to renting a storage space. One great advantage of using a storage space that many do not consider is the fact that most storage companies offer climate-controlled spaces. This allows the customer to store whatever they wish and not have to worry about whether the items will make it through the summer heat, especially when it comes to items with monetary or sentimental value.

Additionally, most self-storage units are video monitored to provide the customer with security and peace of mind. Storage companies know that trust is important when leaving your valued items in their care. Usually, when entering the site, there are electronic gates with coded access that serve to keep out anyone who isn’t renting a space. Often times, professional site managers will be on the grounds or in the office if renters ever need anything as well. Some units, such as those at many Prime Self Storage locations offer individually alarmed units for even more security. These safety features are reassuring when loading and unloading your items, as well as when you aren’t around.

Outside of these benefits, storage units are also very convenient. Most companies typically design their units to allow the customer access to their space at anytime.  One storage company, Life Storage, offers drive up access in addition to many other benefits such as drive-in loading bays. On their website, they explain that these loading docks are convenient for customers to use when loading their belongings to and from their units. This way, the customer and the items are both protected from the elements.

Many companies offer the use of their moving trucks, and have boxes and moving supplies available for customers who need them in an effort to make the process even more convenient. Abba Self Storage, a facility in California, allows customers to rent their 14-foot truck when moving possessions into the site. They also provide carts for an easier move from the truck to the actual storage space.

There are also solutions for every budget, Moser adds. Whether the customer would like a standard non-air conditioned space or one with temperature control, a space to house furniture or a boat, there is a space for every need. With such versatility, you can also rent space that can be used for business purposes, helping you create more revenue for your business, says Robert Moser.

Because these spaces vary depending on what the customer’s specific storage requirements are, there is a wide variety of price points to choose from. Additionally, these companies generally offer flexible contracts to their customers, allowing them to cancel or change their rental agreement. The Guide to Self Storage, an informational website, explains that many self-storage agreements do not charge for access to your unit and with the rental cost paid up front, there are no surprise charges.

“Recognizing that many customers and businesses need more control over what, where, when, and how they store, the self-storage industry has evolved into a cost effective, flexible, and secure storage alternative,” states a representative from The Guide to Self Storage.

With so many benefits to using storage units, it makes sense that there are so many people taking advantage of the extra space. As owner of Prime Storage Group, Moser understands that space is essential, and storing your items without having to worry about their condition is important. Robert Moser, Saratoga Springs NY, real estate professional, encourages anyone needing extra space to look into renting a storage unit, stating, “Space in your home is likely at a premium. A storage unit is a great way to open up some room.”

Ryann Carlson contributed to this article.