These Irish Restaurant Owner Eyes Are Smiling

Robert Ellsworth follows all those 20% tips with something even better.

It was a great story when the New York Post broke it last week, and it remains a great story now that the news is being spread in Ireland.

Many days regularly each week, wealthy art collector Robert Ellsworth liked to lunch or dine at Donohue’s Steak House on New York’s Upper East Side. Reportedly, his favorite menu items were the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and a sirloin steak. Now, this long-time customer has left an even more indelible and posthumous mark. From a report in the Irish Independent:

In his will, Ellsworth gave $50,000 to owner Maureen Donohue-Peters and another $50,000 to her niece, Maureen Barrie, who works at the bar as a waitress one night a week…

“I got a call from his office and they said Mr. Ellsworth had left me something. Then a lady came in and she showed me the paperwork. I was shocked – I didn’t expect anything,” said Ms. Donohue-Peters, who is planning to upgrade her boat.

We salute you, Mr. Ellsworth. And no doubt too will Ms. Donohue-Peters every time she raises the tethers and-or flag on that refurbished boat. Also worth noting: the partner Ellsworth left behind, Masahiro Hashiguchi, once operated Gibbon, another restaurant on the Upper East Side.
[Photo via: Facebook]