Robert A.M. Stern Has a Home Furnishings Line? Who Knew?


Well, if Porsche Design and Zaha Hadid can have a line of perfumes, then we figure it’s okay for anyone to pretty much do as they please. Turns out, and we had no idea about any of it until we randomly caught mention of it at the Dallas Morning News, that starchitect, author, and head of Yale‘s architecture program, Robert A.M. Stern, has a line of miscellaneous home furnishings. According to his retail site, you can pretty much furnish your house with stuff he’s made, from carpeting to furniture to wallpaper. It all looks pretty nice, very classic, fairly hip, yet kind of old-fashion. All the better: we see no mention anywhere on the site that Stern will demand you return his products if your architecture is in any way absurd.