Rob Reynolds To Head DC Coverage for Al Jazeera

Our cousin TVNewser reports that Al Jazeera International has hired former CNBCer Rob Reynolds to be senior Washington correspondent. Reynolds is a vetern of NBC, where he was Moscow correspondent, and a former CNNer, where he covered the Middle East and other locales. He actually began his TV career just up the road in Baltimore. He left CNBC, or more accurately, CNBC left him, in February.

There’s still no firm word on when the new Al Jazeera channel will launch, Gail Shister reports in the Philly Inquirer. Al Jazeera spokesperson Rana Jazayerli said, “We expect to be fully ready for a global launch sometime soon.”

She also said “several offers” are under consideration, but the channel still has no signed contract with any cable operator, satellite provider or broadband service in the U.S…