RNC Taps Microsoft Vet as New Media Director

FishbowlNY reports: A day after former DNC chairman Howard Dean jumped to CNBC, the RNC snagged Todd Herman – a former executive at Microsoft and MSBNC.com – as its new director of new media.

Herman, a streaming video expert, had most recently founded and run SpinSpotter, a Web site devoted to using crowd-sourcing to find truth on the Internet.

He explained the rational for accepting his new position on his blog:

First, I am a Father and Husband; that’s normal, and the meaning of my temporal-existence. In fact, it’s why I decided to accept my current professional role as director of new media for the Republican National Committee. That and the reality of the new-left: Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid and President Obama’s professional political staff show alarming signs of being hard-core authoritarian elitists convinced of their own might, wisdom and infallibility and their Neitzchian belief that if I only gave my daughter over to The State she’d be better for it… but, I digress. I’ll let Jonah Goldberg do the opining.