Rivet Games Pieces Together Its Latest iOS Release, Puzzle Tales

Formerly known as FooMojo, developer Rivet Games has a definite affinity for puppies and kittens. Its popular Facebook game, Pet Tales, features a bevvy of cute and cuddly critters, and now its latest iOS app, a puzzle game called Puzzle Tales, is replete with the same.

Launched last week on the iPhone and iPod touch and iPad, the title follows a series of licensed interactive pet simulations released between 2008 and 2011 for Apple’s mobile platform. Puzzle Tales is a photo-based puzzle game where players must unscramble pictures of puppies and kittens. The photos are broken up into grids and the pieces are randomized. Players tap and drag pieces around the grid, with them locking into place when dropped in the correct location. Sometimes, the pieces are upside-down and must be double-tapped to spin them around.

Players are scored on each puzzle and awarded up to three paws based on how quickly they finish. There is a “teaser” selection of five puzzles, followed by five “tales,” each containing 20 puzzles to complete. Completed puzzles can be viewed from the album feature on the game’s main menu. The app indicates that more puzzles will be added later.

The game includes a number of social features. Players can share completed photos with friends via Facebook, email and Heyzap. Scores are tracked and submitted to Game Center and OpenFeint so that players can compare their fastest times against those of their friends.

The Phone and iPod touch version of Puzzle Tales is monetizes through two ways. The initial part of the game is free and players can purchase the full five tales worth of puzzles for $1.99. (The iPad version of the game, Puzzle Tales HD, is $4.99 and includes all content.) Also, both versions include clues players can use if the get stuck: they can preview the finished photo, un-rotate pieces, lock pieces, show corner pieces and skip puzzles.

Players win hints occasionally, but can buy them in four different packs, from $1.99 to $49.99 as in-app purchases. Rivet Games was founded as FooMojo in Redwood City, Calif. in 2007 by veterinarian Dr. Robert Hornbaker. Playdom’s former vice president of product Jesse Janosov then took over as chief executive in June of 2009. The company has secured more than $10 in funding from investors including Softbank, Baseline Ventures, and Floodgate.

Puzzle Tales is a free app for iPhone/iPod touch and has an iPad version that sells for $4.99. The game is currently at No. 42 on the App Store’s best-selling iPhone/iPod touch game list.

You can follow Pet Tales’ progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.