Rise to the Top With Social Climber

Social ClimberRemember poke wars? A similar application called “Social Climber” has just launched. The app is a simple one. Once you add the application you simply invite your friends and then try to be the first to “climb on” them. Once you have climbed on someone, they cannot climb on you for a 24 hour period. After the 24 hour period, the restrictions are gone and it’s back to a free for all. This is extremely similar to the poke wars application but instead of having to check the application on an extremely frequent basis, you only need to check every 24 hours. The about page of the application describes the app as “a true measurement of your popularity.” Instead this shows how much time you have sitting at your computer. If you spend as much time as I do then chances are you will quickly rise to the top. Thus this is not the most accurate portrayal of your popularity. This is another one of those “social games” on Facebook. If you want a way to get your friends involved in another form of poking go grab the Social Climber application.