Rise and Shine: CBS Seeks Senior Producer for ‘The Early Show’

If you can’t get enough of what’s going on in Washington, and are able to get key players on the phone in a jiffy, listen up. CBS News is looking for a new senior producer for “The Early Show” to help shape live broadcasts with particular attention to the political and D.C. scene.

The network needs someone with a serious interest and working knowledge of Beltway politics in order to book high level guests and oversee all editorial content for the “Early Show” staff. You’ll be approving all script and live segment elements for the daily broadcasts, making suggestions and enhancements when necessary, so you should be prepared to bring your A game every day.

To be considered, you must have experience overseeing and producing live and tape pieces for a network news program or live cable news. You should also be comfortable with working long hours and potentially logging time at the office on weekends. Being a morning person will definitely work in your favor. Interested? Apply here.