Riding the Spitzer News Cycle (Part II)

girl_120.jpgWe’ve already talked about one company looking to ride the Spitzer news cycle: Amie Street, the online music company where call girl Kristen’s music has been selling briskly.

But another, (even better?) example crossed our inbox this afternoon, courtesy of Four Corners Communications president Drew Kerr.

It seems a minor league baseball team, the Macon (GA) Music is hosting an Eliot Spitzer night, where, “anybody named Eliot, Spitzer or Kristen, the alleged call girl, will get $1 off admission.”

But it doesn’t end there: “The team also plans to give out a one-night stay at Washington, D.C.’s swanky Mayflower hotel, where Spitzer’s alleged misdeeds are said to have happened.”

Only in America, folks.