Rick Sanchez’ Twitter Hacked

After all the “Top 10 Tweets” lists last week, someone may have to remember a few from today for the ’09 editions. This tweet, on CNN anchor Rick Sanchez’ popular Twitter page for approximately 10 minutes this afternoon, is the result of a hacker. Several other Twitter accounts were hacked today as well. We’ve got a call in to CNN — we can only imagine there will be some fallout regarding the security on Twitter:

> Update: The newest tweet on Sanchez’ page reads: “*FRP* Sorry, loyal followers. Someone hacked us for a moment there. We’re still on at 3pm ET.”

> Update, update: Well it looks like we have a culprit. This is the newest Tweet on Sanchez’ page: “http://digitalgangster.com/”

> Update (3): On the Twitter blog, there is an explanation for what might be happening: Phising. But then again, it could be a really sophisticated hacker.

> Update (4): > CNN has released this statement regarding the hacking incident:

Twitter accounts used by CNN’s Rick Sanchez and many others were recently compromised. As a result, some Twitter users may have received offensive messages attributed to Rick when the breach occurred. This is annoying, though such breaches are not uncommon when using social networking sites.

Rick has notified Twitter of his account’s breach and taken some basic steps to secure his account’s access. Rick enjoys communicating with viewers via Twitter and he and many others at CNN find social networking a valuable tool in their shows. Rick will continue to use Twitter — along with MySpace and Facebook — to engage CNN’s audience.