Daily News Still Needs to Correct Escaped Convicts ‘Photo Exclusive’

Front page of June 29 Metro edition got it wrong.

DailyNewsMetroFrontJune29In the most recent post on Picture Prosecutor, a media watchdog blog maintained by Albany Times Union editorial design director Thomas Palmer, it was noted that the front page of the June 29 Metro edition of the New York Daily News and accompanying online article got it wrong. That “Photo Exclusive” was not a surveillance camera photo of escaped Clinton Correctional Facility convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat, but rather two local residents trying to help out authorities with the search.

This week, Palmer has followed up. Local contractor Charles Coutu, bannered on the front page (background) with his friend, farmer Eric Couture (foreground), calls the whole episode “bizarre,” while the online version of the Daily News article still hasn’t properly dealt with the error. From Palmer’s article:

Whether the Daily News knew about the error isn’t entirely clear. However, Keshia Clukey, a Times Union reporter who was covering the manhunt, learned from a source that the photo was not of Matt and Sweat, and promptly tweeted that information June 28. Her Twitter followers include Daily News staffers. Yet the image remains on the News’ website with no acknowledgement that it isn’t what it claims to be.

Kevin Macdonald, photo editor of the Daily News, said a reporter obtained the cam photo from police, and referred further questions to a managing editor, who did not return a call for comment.

Palmer’s ongoing documentation of incidents of “contextual misrepresentation” have led to a number of corrections by other media outlets. The final City edition of the Daily News on June 29 had a different front page.
[Image via: timesunion.com]

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