Richard Branson’s Virgin iPad Mag Takes Off Tomorrow

Sir Richard Branson didn’t get his name on Forbes 2010 list of billionaires without making a few waves along the way.  Tomorrow the British industrialist will add another accomplishment to his well-publicized portfolio by launching Virgin’s digital magazine, Project, at a press conference in New York.’s Robert Andrews reports that Virgin Digital Publishing group tasked former FHM UK editor-in-chief Anthony Noguera to produce the new mag alongside Branson’s daughter Holly.

Project’s debut edition will feature a video of actor Jeff Bridges from Tron on the cover – an unconventional move that will certainly raise the magazine’s production costs.  Project is positioning itself to rival to News Corp.’s soon-to-be released digital newspaper, The Daily, and — according to a company statement — will offer a truly unique user experience:

Project is what we like to think of as a “living magazine” – evolving and updating throughout the month and taking advantage of the iPad’s capabilities to deliver a really innovative reader experience. Unlike a regular magazine you won’t just read Project once and then forget about it. The idea is that Project will be something that readers treat as a daily destination, offering breaking news, reader polls and blogs. That, and it has all the interactivity, responsiveness and immersion you would expect from the iPad experience.

According to The Wall Street Journal, each issue of Project will cost $2.99.  In addition to the iPad version, Virgin plans to make the magazine accessible for the iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices.  Tomorrow’s cover video is posted below.