Departing Vegas Journo Dines with Porn Stars

Richard Abowitz, a Las Vegas Weekly reporter, one-time LA Times blogger and current contributor to The Daily Beast, has accepted a job with Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Weekly. Judging by this October 5 piece for the Equality State publication, he’s in for some major pop culture shock:

A few hours after I accepted a job in Wyoming, I was on the Las Vegas Strip having a steak dinner at Planet Hollywood with two porn stars. “I can’t imagine you outside Vegas,” said one porn star. “I can’t imagine Vegas without you,” said the other.

“I had a life before Vegas,” I said. “I guess,” one of them said, doubtfully.

Despite receiving a text during that same dinner from a journalistic colleague who recently made a similar move to New Mexico and begrudgingly admitted that “Vegas is a [reporter] hospice now,” Abowitz still doesn’t sound entirely convinced.

Of all the subsequent communiques that came in to Abowitz from friends or colleagues, our favorite is the one from a poet he once profiled. This fellow man of letters warned that the only brand of coffee in Jackson is “awful” and to somehow figure out how to provide his own.