Rich Gorman On the Importance of +1’s

Rich Gorman analyses the power of Google’s often overlooked +1 feature and its correlation to SEO. Social media platforms have always enabled users to show approval of a link or other piece of content posted to a profile.

Rich Gorman analyses the power of Google’s often overlooked +1  feature and its correlation to SEO.

Social media platforms have always enabled users to show approval of a link or other piece of content posted to a profile. The point of these features was originally to show that a person either had an interest in the content posted or had simply clicked the link and read the content. These actions help to rank the page on search engines for others to find. Online marketing authority Rich Gorman recognizes that likes and approvals communicate to other searchers and social media users that a piece of content is worth their time.

The approval process on social media platforms relies on ‘likes’ on Facebook and retweets and favorites on Twitter. Since Google released their social media platform Google+, a new type of approval button started to circulate in the form of a ‘+1’.

The +1 actually holds more power than other social media approval buttons because of its tie with its parent search engine. Marketing professional Rich Gorman notes that having +1’s for a website or links allows for the link to be featured all over Google+. The website takes some of the most popular trending links and puts into a designated section for users to browse.

Things that are +1’ed by one user can then secure additional +1s from other users on the website depending on how visible it is. As the link gains popularity on other sites and is shared by others and spread across the network, the website that created the original content gains more attention.

Many businesses are looking to promote specific links on search engines, boosting the visibility of meaningful content. Online marketing guru Rich Gorman advises professionals to include +1 buttons on these sites and pages so that users can +1 and share their thoughts. With Google’s search-integrated +1 feature, the ability to spread a link in a vast manner is far easier than ever before.

There is a correlation with page ranking on Google when someone uses the +1 button. Since the social media platform is Google’s platform, the firm will put content that is shared on their website closer to the top of a search. People with their own Google+ accounts always enable content to be put at the top of the page when their names are looked up on Google.

Rich Gorman encourages using these insights to rank the most meaningful and important pieces of content higher on searches. When an individual or small business maintains an active and promoted Google+ account, professional webpages will show up near the top of a page during a user’s Google search.

Simply adding a +1 button to any page will start the ball rolling. Getting the button click at minimum secures the attention of Google, indicating to the company that the content might be worth a second look.

For Google+ users, clicking the +1 button will also open up a box that allows a user to share the content to his or her profile page. Users can add their two cents at the top of the share box, then choose the users in or outside of their circle who will get to see it. The more people who do this, the more likely Google is to realize that the page might be worth another go-over and a more substantial ranking.

Rich Gorman notes that the sharing ability of +1 is boosting by the automatic inclusion of a hashtag for a keyword that resonates effectively with users. Hashtags were formerly a Twitter-exclusive content division, but Rich Gorman notes that they have spread like wildfire to Facebook and Google+ as well.

Hashtags take a certain word that posters want to trend and put a pound symbol in front of it. This allows the aggregators on social media searches to see how many instances of the keyword are used and what it means for the keyword and related content. According to Rich Gorman, hashtags are very effective within a social network.


Rich Gorman Dispels Hashtag Myth


Despite their widespread popularity, in truth, hashtags don’t work to help with page rankings as much as the +1. With the +1, there is a tracking attached to a link and the ability to spread it rapidly among the public. The hashtag on Google+ is more or less indicative of trends on the page itself.

With topics rapidly trending and pages rising and falling from search engine ranks, +1’s are essential to keep content at the top of a page. The need to keep content fresh is a necessity. Online marketing authority Rich Gorman confirms that users will only like and share a certain page so much before they need to move on to something fresher and more current.

While a host website may have an overall share button for the main page, it is the content pages that will always be shared more. This is why there should be fresh content for people to like, including subpages and new and current additions. These pages will boost the overall ranking of the website as well as the particular article in mention.

Many notable blogs and news websites use the +1 button to share their daily news with the world and get their names ranked higher on search engines. Google+ simplifies and optimizing the sharing process with its +1 button.

Rich Gorman notes that other social media networks rely on follows or likes to jump-start ranking on their own sites. But this extensive following and liking doesn’t optimize a piece of content’s interaction with search engines. +1 features allow for the sharing to be more smooth and direct than other methods of sharing. If a brand wishes to make itself known and develop a solid follower base through search engine discoveries, the Google+ +1 button is the smartest way to go.